A few words about leather

Leather comes in so many styles, grades of quality, colors and other variables that we cannot purchase leather for you.

However B4U Designs is one of a very few companies who will be happy to put your leather on your furniture. Just send us your leather and we shall upholster it at no extra charge.

We recommend two companies that specialize in online sales of quality leather.

The first company is Just Leathr Logo Just Leather Click here to contact Dan at Just Leather

The second company is Kyson Leather LeatherHideStore.com Click here to contact Sonya at Leather Hide Store

You may purchase your leather anywhere.

We recommend these two suppliers simply as a convenience to you.

We do not get a commission or any compensation for the referral.

We have found that both of these companies are in tune with our philosophy of customer service and value.

If you have any other questions about leather, please contact the factory for further details.

You may also call us at 323 331-0690.

As we receive so many calls, you may have to leave a voice mail, but be assured we will get back to you promptly