Welcome to our April 2006 newsletter.

Wishing everyone a Joyous Easter or Good Passach

I am pleased to announce that blue22 is the winner of a pair of wrought iron candlesticks.

Candle Sticks

blue22, you have until 30 April to contact us with your name and address so we can send this to you. Congratulations.

On 30 April we shall draw a name to win a cat's paw planter. planter

Back in the early 1970's KNX Radio in Los Angeles aired a program every weekday at 10:00 AM called the KNX Food News Hour. It was hosted by Chef Mike Roy and a newscaster, Denny Bracken. My mother, being blind and not much of a TV fan, loved the program. My mother was a fabulous cook and although she could not see what she was doing in the kitchen, she managed to raised six children without poisoning any of us. When I got a chance to be home during the day, I would hear the program in the background and grew to like it.

Over the next 20 years or so, the program was a staple of mine. The last anchor of the Food News Hour was a young caterer, Melinda Lee.Melinda Lee

About 10 years or so ago, KNX decided to drop the program and Melinda went on to another radio station. Last year KNX brought Melinda and the Food News back but in a different format. Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8:00 AM until Noon, Melinda charms us with her wit, knowledge, helpful tips, leadins with music from my younger days and her ability to field calls from listeners on almost any subject related to cooking. It is a wonderful way to spend a quiet Saturday or Sunday morning. Catch Melinda any weekend morning from 8:00 AM until Noon on KNX Radio 1070 or visit her website at You might even want to call in during the show and find out why your mushrooms come out soggy.

Another great resource for kitchen help is Kraft offers a free weekly email containing great recipes, a place to plan out your meals for a week at a time, an automated shopping list for your planned meals and a place to store your favorite recipes. See why Kraft is more than just macaroni and cheese. I think that you will find this site as helpful as I do, especially if you have a restricted diet.

Last month I had mentioned that Tilo, my exchange student from Berlin has given me an exchange Granddaughter.


Meet Marit Jonna Pohl. If you missed the first article about Tilo, you can read it here

We were asked by a restaurant for a barstool with a grape design so we developed our new Grape Leaf Barstool.

500 Grape Leaf Swivel Stool Closeup

The bar stool is available in a stationary, swivel or swivel with arms. It is also available as a dining chair

Until July 30th readers of this newsletter or their friends may purhase any of the Grape Leaf series at a 15% discount from our normal wholesale factory direct price.

Click here to see pricing on the swivel version of the stool.

We would appreciate any feed back you have on the design.


For the most part I have been very happy dealing with the public. It is something that I did not have to do for the first eleven years of the company. It also has given me a taste of what some people can do to a seller.

I sold a $75.00 vanity stool on eBay to Christy in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL. She called to tell me that she wanted the stool 20" instead of 18". Everything went well. I told her it would ship via FedEx Ground in a few weeks. She paid me and I put it into production.

Two days later I get a phone call from her wanting to know where her stool was. After all I was sending it FedEx and she should have had it by now. I explained to her that I had to build the stool for her and that FedEx ground takes five business days to get a package from California to Florida. "I thought it was coming by air." No Christy, air would cost about $125.00. It is coming ground for the $29.00 that you paid for shipping. However it cannot go until I build it for you. "I thought I would have it by now."

This goes on for a week. Every day she calls to tell me that she does not have her stool yet. Finally I told her that I would give her her money back. "NO. I WANT THE STOOL!!!"

I went into the factory on a Sunday and built the thing myself and shipped it off to her. I send her an email with the tracking number and within 15 minutes of sending her the tracking number she goes on eBay and leaves feedback saying that I was a thief, she had paid for the stool and did not have it. She then notifies her credit card company and charges back the payment. The next day I get a phone call from the local police department stating that they received a call from some crazy lady that I had stolen her money.

She gets her little vanity stool and writes an email to me saying that she loves the stool and every time she puts her butt on the seat she will think of the guy who stole her money.

So now she has her vanity stool and her money. The next thing I know, she is writing emails to everyone who has bought something from me on eBay and anyone that has a bid on something and telling them that I am a liar and a thief. She then files a complaint with the BBB saying that "I stole her money and she had to wait three weeks for her stool and that I had her money and she should have had her stool the day after she paid for it." to be continued.....

I am always eager to hear from the visitors to the site and the readers of this newsletter.

Until next month


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