August 2003 Newsletter

Welcome to our new bi-monthly newsletter.

We have had so many requests to share information that we have decided to offer a free newsletter to our customers, potential customers, friends, enemies, competitors, and anyone else interested in reading what comes off of my keyboard.

We shall endeavor to include links to some of the latest concepts in home decor as well as other areas of interest.

We shall also, at least in the first few newsletters, introduce you to the people who actually build our product. Without them, we would not have a company.

There is no secret that the US and Canadian furniture industries are in a state of change, as more and more products are "out sourced" and more and more manufacturers are either going out of business or becoming distribution centers for imported product. We have built our niche by concentrating on building our furniture here in Los Angeles. Although we cannot compete against 57 cent an hour labor (the current average labor rate in Chinese furniture factories) we can do things that cannot be done off shore. First is we can offer fast delivery. We do not have to wait for the boat. We can offer 20 different fabrics and 15 different colors. For someone to import furniture, they would have to bring in 300 different combinations of each product to offer the selection that we do. 20 fabrics x 15 colors = 300 different choices for each model. We can offer the ability to have you send us your fabric and have the furniture done exactly the way you want it. We can also modify the furniture by altering the size, configuration, and myriad other ways of customizing it to your exact requirements. By selling directly to the public, we can still remain very competitive on the price. Lastly, by having all employees own a piece of the company, we maintain a company wide devotion to quality and service.

This month, we would like to introduce Ruben Martinez.

Ruben has been a part of the company for a little over 10 years. He started out upholstering simple seats. He now is our main upholsterer. He also cuts the fabric and foam, does foam preparation, makes some of our decorative rings, details the frames after welding, washes the furniture prior to powder coating, and currently is learning the powder coating process. We feel very fortunate to have Ruben as part of our team.

Ruben has been married to Marta for 30 years and has one 28 year old son. When not building furniture, Ruben enjoys working around the house and especially doing his gardening.

We will offer special discounts on selected merchandise to the readers of our newsletter. As of this moment, we have not settled upon just how this program will work. We must go through a learning curve. As a starter, we shall offer an 8% discount to you or anyone you refer to our website during the rest of the month of August and through the last day of September 2003. The discount shall be on merchandise only, which means we shall have to take the shipping out of the website price, apply the discount and then reapply the shipping charges. A little complicated, however we think it will work. To receive the discount, just mention August03 on the order form. We shall automatically apply the discount. Again this is for you or anyone that you refer.

To keep abreast of what is happening in our industry, we spend a lot of time doing research. As we come across sites that we feel offer useful information, even if those sites are competitors of ours, we shall include links to those sites. One site that impressed me very much this month is Deoratorsecrets. Check them out at

The company takes great pride in our ethical behavior. We agree to abide by the standards set by Square Trade in all of our dealings with the public. We also subscribe to a newsletter my Michael Josephson, founder of the Josephson Institute of Ethics. Michael is the commentator of "CHARACTER COUNTS" on KNX1070 radio here in Los Angeles. His commentaries are also broadcast throughout the country on other stations. This is a private, non-religious institute dedicated to making each and everyone of us a better person, both to ourselves and to others around us. Check him out at

Until next time,


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