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Welcome to our July 2006 newsletter.

I am pleased to announce that John Mays in Portland, Oregon is the winner of the cutting board.

Cutting Board

John, you have until 31 July to contact us so we can send this to you. Congratulations.

On 31 July we shall draw a name to win a rafter mounted chin up bar.

Rafter Mounted Chin Up Bar

Trevor Jones of London, England is one of the readers submitting the correct answer to the question of the difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider. He is the winner of a pair of candle sticks. Trevor, you also have until 31 July to claim your prize.

Candle Sticks

So what is the difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider? Trevor guessed it along with 11 other readers. Did you? The difference is the price. The processor can charge more for cider than juice. There are no standards so the processors can call it anything they like. Cider sounds more expensive than juice, so what is in the juice bottle is the same as what is in the cider bottle. Of course, hard cider is a bit different. You cannot get drunk on apple juice.

Ok. You took my advice last month and checked the pressure in your tires. Now your tires are inflated to the proper pressure and you are getting better gas milage. The next thing to look for to increase your milage is wind resistance.

space shuttle
© NASA Space Shuttle Landing

Right there on the back of the Space Shuttle is the key to wind resistance. The chute is to create drag to slow the shuttle. When you have drag on your vehicle, it does the same thing. All you guys out there buying my exercise bars and driving your pick up trucks, listen up. When the air hits the front of your truck it slows you down. Then the air goes up over the top of the cab and flows down into the bed of the truck and slames into the tailgate, slowing you again, just like the chute on the back of the shuttle.

The solution: Get rid of the solid tailgate and replace it with netting or the new tubular rear gates. This will allow the air to pass through without slowing you down. If possible, put a cover over the bed. This will prevent the air from entering the bed at all.

If you have a roof rack, remove it if you are not using it. Everything that prevents a smooth airflow over your car or truck makes you use more energy to overcome the drag.

Moving along with the guys buying my exercise equipment, check out this site.

Dumbbell Buddy Logo

A site run by a Marine Veteran of the Gulf War. Everything you could dream of in exercise equipment, home gyms, weight lifting bars, benches, weights, personal gear, nutritional supplements, tips on health, and much, much more at prices that have to be seen to be believed. Check out Mike's site.

Restaurant Appetizers at Home

During a trip to my local grocery store, I discovered that some of my favorite restaurants are now selling some of my favorite restaurant appetizers right in the frozen food section. From TGI Fridayís mozzarella sticks to cream cheese wontons that taste like they just came from the local takeout joint, restaurant appetizers can now be purchased for a couple of bucks and cooked right in the comfort of your own home. So the next time you have a craving for restaurant appetizers and it just wonít go away, donít spend tons of cash eating out at the restaurant. Go to your local grocery store and see what restaurant appetizers they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Of course they will taste better if you are sitting at one of my pub tables.

For those of you that love American antiques as much as I do, check out this site.

Horizon Antiques Logo

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Horizon Antiques has over 2,000 square feet of showroom space stuffed to overflowing with gorgeous, restored, American antique furniture. They carry an outstanding selection of quartersawn oak antiques. Walnut, cherry, pine, chestnut, butternut and sometimes even mahogany pieces can on occasion be seen in their unique antique shop. I would be proud to have some of my barstools sitting in the same home as furniture from Horizon.

Once again we come to the rescue. A new Gold's Gym has just opened in Concord, NH. They have a juice bar but for some reason, two weeks before the opening they found out that they did not have custom height barstools to set in front of the bar. I am not sure if they just did not buy them or if they ordered them from someone else and they could not deliver. We turned out eight custom height stools in a custom fabric for them and had them in New Hampshire in time for the Grand Opening. In addition, we have built 8 counter height stools for them and Valentin designed a pub table base from from scratch. They had those on Friday of the week they opened. Not bad, so I will pat myself and all the people in the factory on the back for a job well done. And some special pats on the back to Valentine for designing the V Pub Base. That is what sets us apart from our competition.

V Pub Table

I am always eager to hear from the visitors to the site and the readers of this newsletter.

Wishing everyone a safe enjoyabe 4th of July celebration.

Until next time, paraphrasing Charles Osgood, I will see you on the Internet.


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