June 2004


We are pleased to announce that TravoltaFever@webtv.net was the winner of our drawing last month for a rectangular planter.

This feature was so well received that we have decided to do it again this month.

On July 1st we shall select one email address for our winner.

To enter the drawing, click on the link below and send us an email. Put "ENTER" in the comment section of the contact form. That is all there is to it. We shall announce the winner in next month's ezine.

Click here to send us an email to be entered into a drawing for a free planter.


We have shown the spot light one of our employee/owners in each of the past newsletters. This month we want to feature Robert.

Robert is a Southern California native. He attended South Pasadena High School and is waiting to start classes this September at Pasadena City College where he wants to study welding and business. Robert is a very talented and motivated young man.

Robert on Exercise BarHere Robert is demonstrating a pull up on an exercise bar that he designed and built. The bar can be seen on our speakerstand web site www.1speakerstand.com

Besides working in the metal department, cutting, bending, grinding parts and operating the forklift, Robert does the majority of our powder coating. He also helps to maintain the speakerstand website.

After work, Robert likes to spend time on the computer that he built, "chill" with his friends and fix their computers and work on his vintage Ford Maverick.

As Father's Day comes this month, we are offering Robert's new exercise bar at a 50% discount all month.

The $99.96 30" wide bar would cost $49.98 and the $139.96 50" wide bar would cost $69.98.

You would have to call the factory at 323 223-4600 to avail yourself of this special discount.

I have not broached this subject before, so I think it should be mentioned now.

We make our money manufacturing and selling furniture. We do not make money from selling information.

This policy is clearly stated in our Policy Statement. When I recommend sites, it is for your enlightenment or just plain enjoyment. Recommendations are not made to produce money for us.

We do not receive any payment from your visiting the recommended sites. Although this is shocking to most webmasters as they love affiliate sites for money generating avenues, this is a practice in which we will not participate.

With that out of the way, I shall continue.

Do you ever think about horseradish? You have a bar or a counter or you would not be in this website. I have found out that if you have a bar or a counter, you should be thinking about horseradish. Got you curious?

Check them out. You will be glad you did. http://www.horseradish.org

Enjoy!! I assure you that you will come away not only with some great ideas, but with a smile on your face.

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Bedroom Before Turn this into this Bedroom After

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I hope that you have enjoyed this month's letter. I am always open to suggestions and would like to hear your ideas and comments.

Please feel free to contact us.

Until the next letter,

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