September 2003 Newsletter

Welcome to our second monthly newsletter.

We have had so many requests to share information that we have decided to offer a free newsletter to our customers, potential customers, friends, enemies, competitors, and anyone else interested in reading what comes off of my keyboard.

We shall endeavor to include links to some of the latest concepts in home decor as well as other areas of interest.

We shall also, at least in the first few newsletters, introduce you to the people who actually build our product. Without them, we would not have a company.

There is no secret that the US and Canadian furniture industries are in a state of change, as more and more products are "out sourced" and more and more manufacturers are either going out of business or becoming distribution centers for imported product. We have built our niche by concentrating on building our furniture here in Los Angeles. Although we cannot compete against 57 cent an hour labor (the current average labor rate in Chinese furniture factories) we can do things that cannot be done off shore. First, we can offer fast delivery. We do not have to wait for the boat. We can offer 20 different fabrics and 15 different colors. For someone to import furniture, they would have to bring in 300 different combinations of each product to offer the selection that we do. 20 fabrics x 15 colors = 300 different choices for each model. We can offer the ability to have you send us your fabric and have the furniture done exactly the way you want it. We can also modify the furniture by altering the size, configuration, and myriad other ways of customizing it to your exact requirements. By selling directly to the public, we can still remain very competitive on the price. Lastly, by having all employees own a piece of the company, we maintain a company wide devotion to quality and service. (Reprinted from the first newsletter)

This month, we would like to introduce Linda Barahona.

Linda has actually worked for us three times. She started working for Cal-Style Furniture in 1983. When we sold Cal-Style and started this company in 1988, Linda came to work for us. She left in 1995 to return to her native El Salvador. In 2000 she returned to California and of course would not think of working anywhere else but here. Linda is our seamstress. However she also cuts, upholsters, assembles and packs the furniture for shipping. When you are unpacking your furniture, griping "who put all this foam on these chairs," you can blame it on Linda.

Linda has been married to her husband, Neftahi for a little over twenty two years and has one boy and one girl. Jimmy is all grown up at 20, but we are fortunate that on those occasions when the sitter is not available, Linda brings 13 year old Latecia to the factory. Latecia likes to draw and is quite an artist. Here is an example of her work.

When not sewing your seat cushions, Linda likes to cook, visit the beach with Latecia and putter around the house.

The response to our discount offer last month exceeded our expectations. SO.. for all orders during the month of September and through 15 October, we are offering a 10% discount on the model 850 swivel stool. Just mention September 2003 offer in the comments section of the order form and we shall automatically apply the discount to the product portion of the web price. The discount does not apply to the shipping costs. This offer is good for you or anyone that you refer.

Check out this site for some very sound and beautiful home decorating ideas. You may have to subscribe to get past the first few pages. However even the first few pages are well worth the look.

I was honored and very fortunate to have amongst my circle of friends the late Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Smith. Jack was a journalist, author, and newspaper columnist who wrote about Los Angeles with wit and affection for almost forty years. His column touched upon his family, his city, and his unique way of looking at life. Toward the end of his life, he wrote about his impending death with warmth and humility. I never thought that there would be another writer of his class again.

While browsing the web a few weeks ago, I was stunned to find a website that seemed to be screaming, "Read Me". Just as I cold not put Jack Smith's books or columns down before reading all the way through them, I could not bear leaving this site. If you remember ROB REINER'S movie STAND BY ME, you will probably remember the little boy Gordie who wanted to be a writer, played by Wil Wheaton. Well little Wil is all grown up and guess what? He has become a writer. He may not be another Jack Smith, but he is the closest thing to it. His writings about his family, himself, his interaction with his world, his thoughts and his ideas; are articulate, humorous, and cannot help but brighten up all who read his lines. Unlike Jack, Wil can be a bit racy at times and this site is not for those easily offended. With that caveat out of the way, prepare yourself for a most delightful voyage through his website, WIL WHEATON DOT NET. Enjoy!

Until next time,


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