Kessler, Pastel, Tempo and Decotec all build very similar styled furniture. Although they all look very much alike, there is a wide range of differences in quality, comfort, service and price.

Just a little history of the three ring style bar stool. Kessler Industries in San Antonio, Texas designed the stool. You can find the Kessler stools at better quality furniture stores. The quality of the Kessler is something that is unquestioned. Of course, you must pay for that quality.

Prior to it's bankruptcy and purchase by Mallon, a company by the name of Pastel Furniture "knocked off" (copied) the Kessler design, builds the stools in China and dropped the price. A company that was building beds, by the name of Tempo Industries, "knocked off" the Pastel knock off and jumped into the dining field. Tempo builds the stools in Mexico and China and dropped their price below that of Pastel. The Pastel and Tempo stools can be found all over the country, mostly in lower to middle end furniture stores. We will not knock the Tempo or Pastel companies. We will just say that you get what you pay for. No company can lower prices without lowering costs accordingly.

Several of our customers asked us to copy the stools and sell them at a competitive price, but with the quality that is associated with our products. We reluctantly agreed, but we limit how many stores can buy this particular product. However we do sell direct to the public through this web site. Although our stools retail for more than the Pastel and Tempo, and less than the Kessler, you can purchase your stools for quite a bit less than either Pastel or Tempo, as you are buying at wholesale prices, directly from the factory. Your freight is a little more than the store pays, as they buy in volume and get better freight rates than is available through UPS or FedEx at 3 or 4 stools to a residential address. You should average about $50.00 less per stool than you can find in a store for Tempo and a little more than that for the Pastel You will pay about $100.00 less than Kessler. However you will be buying stools that are comparable to the Kessler stools in quality, comfort, durability and consistency.

For comparison purposes, we use the average of Tempo's and Pastel's pricing. We do not use ours or Kessler's retail prices. If we were to use ours and Kessler's retail prices, the retail value shown on our web pages would be much higher.

This page is presented to better inform you of what the bar stools are. The more you know, the better decision you can make.

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