A few words about shipping.

Most of our product is shipped via ground

Many web sites offer "FREE SHIPPING"

We are not going to insult your intelligence and proclaim "FREE SHIPPING". When we build product, as any business must do, we include the cost of the steel, fabric, foam, coatings, labor, electricity, gas and all of the other expenses that go into the cost of the product. We add the cost of the box, padding and labor to package the products for shipping into the cost of the product.

On some expenses we use direct costs, such as the wood we use for the seats, and some expenses we use average costs. Fabric costs are average, as some fabrics cost more than others. We take our fabric cost for the year, add it up, divide it by the amount of fabric we bought and get an average cost per yard.

We could take the cost of shipping and add it to the cost of the product.

An average 30" stool shipped from our factory in California to a home on the East Coast is about $65.00 to $70.00 per stool.

The cost drops the closer you are to California.

No company could afford to give that away for free and stay in business.

We could elect to inflate the shipping charges to cover the fuel surcharges, oversize charges and residential charges and add it into our products and then tell you that the shipping is "FREE" but that would be not be truthful.

That does not add up to "FREE SHIPPING" any more than saying "FREE STEEL"

. Send us an email with your zip code and what you are proposing to purchase and we shall send you the shipping charges.

Or give us a call at 323 331-0690 and we can help you with the shipping costs.

If you live close enough to the factory to pick up your product you may do so.