What makes a good piece of furniture?

A bar stool manufacturer must use quality material to build a product that is sold directly to the public at factory direct prices.

Just like a good cake, our product can only be as good as the ingredients that go into it. When the cake comes out of the oven, you can see how it is. When our furniture comes out of the oven, we can see how it is. Yes, our furniture does go into the oven, at 425 degrees f, for twenty minutes, to cure the coating.

In our metal shop, we start with good domestic 16 gauge steel, most of it rolled by Searing Industries in Rancho Cucaomonga, CA. Most of our solid bar stock and angle iron is poured by U.S. Steel. Could we build our furniture out of less expensive 18 and 20 gauge imported light weight steel?. Of course we could. Our competition does. Of course we would have funny looking, light weight welds that have a distinct chance of breaking. Then we would be no better than our competition, so why buy from us?

In the welding area, we use .035 Harris mig wire and 75% Argon/25% CO2 as the inert gas. We are proud to have United Welding Supply as our exclusive supplier of quality welding supplies and gas. Could we use much less expensive straight CO2 as the inert gas? Of course we could. Our competition does. Of course we would again have funny looking welds with lots of splatter, just like our competition. Then we would be no better than our competition, so why buy from us?

In the wood shop, our plywood and industrial grade particle board is manufactured by Georgia-Pacific. No cheap off brands here. Could we get by with 5/8" lighter weight seat boards? Of course we could. Our competition does. Two of them even use 1/2" seat boards. Of course we would have seat boards that can break. No, better to use 3/4" seat boards, "T" nuts and machine screws and rest comfortably knowing that our seat boards are going to last the life of the product, without having the screws falling out on your floor. If you want 1/2" and 5/8" seat boards, assembled with wood screws, then buy the competition.

In the paint department, our fantastic metal finishes are custom blended for us by NAAPCOTE of Valencia, CA, a leader in custom blended powder coating and Cardinal Industrial Coatings a leading manufacturer of powder coats.

In the upholstery department, we use the finest grades of 1.88-44 foam, poured by Latex International and Hickory Springs, the leading U.S. producers of latex foams. The cushions are custom cut and contoured for us by Foam Base Products of Los Angeles, CA. The Dacron is a full 1.1", manufactured by DuPont Chemical. You will not find any 1/2" and 3/4" Dacron in our factory. You would have to go to our competition to find that, if you find any Dacron at all.

We could not talk about our upholstery department without mentioning Alberoni Sewing Machine, Inc. Alberoni supplies us with all of our upholstery and cutting room machinery and does all of the service on those machines, keeping them in shape for us to do the quality sewing that is expected of us.

Our fabrics come from Quaker Fabrics in Fall River, MA, Culp Fabrics in NC, and David Rothschild in NC, all leading weavers of the finest upholstery grade fabrics available in the US. We can also upholster your furniture in your fabric if you send it to us. Some of our competition can also do that. I would not suggest it unless you are buying Kessler products. Look at what most of my competition does with their fabric, and then imagine what they would do with yours. Naps are supposed to be straight, seams are supposed to be straight and tight. Patterns are supposed to match. With the exception of Kessler, you will not find that in our competitors. No fabric leaves our factory until it is steamed, removing any wrinkles and making for a nice smooth seat and back. Most of our competitors don't even own a steamer.

In the assembly department, you will only find the best domestic swivel plates, made for us by Trendler of Chicago, IL. Could we bring in some cheap light weight swivels from abroad at half the price? Of course we could. Most of our competition does that. Better to let them do that and sell you new swivel plates a few years down the road when the ball bearings start to fall out. We make our profit selling you quality, comfortable, well made furniture. We do not need your money a few years down the road after the warranty has expired, selling you spare parts that should not have broken in the first place.

On the bottom of the furniture, you will find high quality butyl or nylon glides, molded by Plastiglide, the leading US manufacturer of plastic furniture components. Of course I could save a few bucks by importing the glides at a lower price, but why chance it? It is your floor that is going to get scratched up if I use cheap glides. If I scratch up your floor, I know I am going to hear from you. I would love to hear from you, but not because I scratched your floor.

We build all of our furniture in jigs to be sure that they come out straight and do not wobble on your floor. We purchase all of our tooling supplies from Allen Industrial Supply in Burbank, CA. Allen Industrial has links to All American (tooling products), Camcar (socket products), Morse Cutting Tools (cutting tool products), Wright Tools (hand tools) as well as a fastener search page and an aviation information link (Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine) Although we are building barstools, not airplanes, we use the same quality components that Allen Industrial supplies to builders of spacecraft.

Some of our other vendors are Carpin Manufacturing, Gabriel Glide, Boster Supply, King Machined Products, Allsize Foam and Fabric Guardsman Coatings, Cemcoat-Duratex, Landcaster Casters, Kemp Hardware, Outwater Plastics, and other leading suppliers of quality furniture components.

We are proud of what our products turn out to be, because we are proud of what we put into them. That is why you should buy from us.

This page is another in a series of informational pages to give you a better understanding of the range of quality and prices that you will find within our industry.

Thank you for taking the time to do the research.


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